Time Shift

A time travel historical adventure.

Jackson Lee is a well-known adventure vlog influencer. He and a small support crew have been cashing in on the video craze with phenomenal, hair-raising exploits for years.

Their latest undertaking is way beyond anything they’ve ever done. It’s extremely dangerous and, worse, highly illegal. Never would Jackson have imagined those risks to be the least of his worries.

After stumbling over the archaeological find of the century, Jackson and a local anthropologist suddenly find themselves transported to a different time and place. It’s a world of unbelievable sights, unimaginable marvels, and barbaric practices that violate all that is human. Despite treading lightly as they deal with this new reality, their intrusion results in unintended consequences for the world they left. Making it right is their top priority, along with surviving the ordeal. It may not be possible to do both.

Can they clean up the mess they’ve made? Or will the attempt just make it worse?