The Punishers by Victor ZuggThe Punishers (A Ripple in Time Book 3)

The saga continues in this final chapter of survival.

Nearly three years have passed since Stephen Mason, former Federal Air Marshall, along with a plane load of passengers, was unexplainably hurled back through time. It’s now 1723, Charlestown, South Carolina Colony. Mason and the three other remaining survivors—his wife, Karen, and best friends, Jeremy and Lisa Jackson—have built their rice plantation into a thriving enterprise. For everyone on the plantation, life is good.

But when an opportunity arises to revisit an old adversary, Mason embarks on a simple fact-finding mission. The risks are minimal until an unforeseen sharp, right turn puts Mason and his families’ future in extreme jeopardy.

With so much at stake, can Mason adapt and achieve his ultimate goal? Can he even survive what was to be a simple plan?