The Darkness

Sixty days have passed since the thick, black, rainless clouds rolled in immersing the world in near total darkness and cold. It’s a known phenomenon but never to this scale. Crops everywhere wilted and died from lack of sunlight resulting in empty store shelves, hungry people, rolling blackouts, tainted tap water, and chaos.

Marauding gangs are just starting up when Leo Ward, a simple accountant, along with his family, and a few friends, decide to leave suburbia and wait out the apocalypse in the sparse foothills of north Georgia. In the harsh wilderness, with limited food, resources, and few skills, they make the best of it until an early tragedy turns their dark, upside-down world inside-out. And then they meet their new neighbors. Let’s just say, it doesn’t go well.

Can Leo and his friends rise to the occasion when every decision can mean life or death? It comes down to a simple choice: do or die.