Surrounded by the Blue by Victor ZuggSurrounded by the Blue

Can she defy the odds? Can she rise above her insecurities? Can she do what it takes to survive.

Michelle Stewart, Mickey to her friends and family, is young, attractive, and a successful New York ad executive. She loves her job, her comfortable life, and her boyfriend—who is also her boss. His latest infidelity drives Mickey to seek time apart, and she ends up joining her sister and brother-in-law on a Pacific voyage aboard their sailing yacht.

Lots of sun, warm breezes, and blue water on an ocean cruise proves just the ticket—until a freak accident plunges Mickey into life-or-death waters. Alone. Defenseless. She has to survive and she has to find a way back. It won’t be easy. She’ll encounter human nature at its best… and worst. And Mother Nature will certainly take its share of flesh. Ultimately, if she expects to survive, she’ll need to dig deep, learn to adapt, and find the strength to prevail over the perils of this harsh reality.

This is a full-length, fast-paced ocean survival adventure with plenty of turbulence in its wake.