Solar Plexus (Series Book 1)Solar Plexus (Series Book 1)

Imagine traveling through a world determined to stop you.

A massive solar storm induced EMP of apocalyptic proportions knocks out power and fries circuits for most of the planet. Transportation, communications, and constraints on human nature are gone. Within hours, store shelves are empty; gangs and desperate people with guns rampage. Survival for those ill-equipped and unprepared will be short-lived. This will be the new normal for many months, possibly years.

Tiffany Conway sets out alone from Florida to join her parents in Ohio. She’s young, strong, armed, and, with a Marine Corps background, skilled. She’ll walk the entire distance if necessary.

Sam Pratt and Chet Evans, best friends and business partners, are luckier than most. Retired from the military, they too have skills. But they have something more—a running vehicle. With it, they set out from central Florida heading for the safety of Sam’s cabin in the sparsely populated foothills of Tennessee.

With society crumbling, will they make it in one piece? Will they make it at all?