Near Total Eclipse by Victor ZuggNear Total Eclipse (Solar Plexus Book 2)

Finding the resources needed to survive will be tough. Holding on to those resources will be tougher.

Three weeks after the mother of all solar storms, power is out, communications are down, and transportation is mostly non-existent. Fear and panic run rampant. Resources run scarce. Looting, rioting, and general mayhem advance as the dark side of humanity takes hold.

Retired Air Force Major Sam Pratt, along with his best friend, Chet Stevens, their recent traveling companion, Tiffany Conway, and her parents double down on their plan to wait out the apocalypse at Sam’s cabin in the foothills of Tennessee. Food is the first order of business. They’ll need plenty to survive the two years or more they expect it will take for the lights to return. Should Sam and his friends make do with what the land provides, or claim their fair share of what food remains?

Security is the second order of business. To defend against an expected onslaught of hungry people, Sam and his cadre form an alliance with the nearby town of Townsend. The population is small, manageable, and led by a select few with military experience. They anticipate no shortage of marauders willing to kill for what the town has. And Townsend, Tennessee, with its access to fresh water and miles of remote forest teeming with game and fish, is prime real estate for seemingly everyone with a gun. Sam and his friends have a decision to make. Stand and fight with the town, fall back to the cabin, or fade into the mountains?

Decisions have consequences, and mistakes are often counted with lost lives. Is survival in this post-apocalyptic world even feasible?