From Near Extinction by Victor ZuggFrom Near Extinction

Could you live in a world in which ninety percent of the population, including everyone you know, is gone?

It’s been two years since a global pandemic reduced the planet’s population to a mere shell of its former self. Without enough manpower and expertise, the infrastructure and power grids are still down. Farms, processing plants, factories, and refineries remain dormant. Modern conveniences are largely still a thing of the past and, with few exceptions, walking is the only mode of travel.

Leroy Tubbs, an active duty sergeant without an army, has been traveling solo from the west toward a new government rumored to be forming in the east. He’s tried to avoid trouble along the way, but a chance encounter with a young woman needing his help changes all of that. Soon, he finds himself part of a motley band of survivors, endeavoring to keep moving.

In this post-apocalyptic world, can this small group navigate the many hardships awaiting them and make it to their destination? Welcome to the aftermath.